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Active Life Drainable Pouch - Convex Flexible

Active Life Drainable Pouch - Convex Flexible

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Active Life One-Piece Convex Drainable Pouch

A lightweight, flexible, one-piece system, Active Life® combines the skin barrier and the pouch into one simple, easy-to-manage system. Convex barrier is good for people with a recessed or flat stoma. Pouch allows for draining.

  • With tape collar and 1-sided comfort panel
ConvaTec Product Codes
Stoma Opening Pouch Length Colour Product Code
19 mm 30.5 cm Transparent 175777
22 mm 30.5 cm Transparent 175778
25 mm 30.5 cm Transparent 175779
28 mm 30.5 cm Transparent 175780


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