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Assura Multi-Chamber Urostomy Pouch

Assura Multi-Chamber Urostomy Pouch

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A unique and innovative design featuring multiple chambers to provide a more discreet and quiet urostomy pouch. Soft moisture-absorbent backing with anti-reflux valve and an audible click locking system. Can be rotated/repositioned for comfort without removing pouch and features a secure outlet closure and simple locking connector for a night drainage bag attachment. Includes 10 connectors.

Coloplast Product Codes
Coupling Size Pouch Size Pouch Colour Product Code
40mm Maxi Opaque 14224
50mm Maxi Opaque 14225
60mm Maxi Opaque 14226
40mm Maxi Transparent 14227
50mm Maxi Transparent 14228
60mm Maxi Transparent 14229


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