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Coloplast SenSura High Output Pouch

Coloplast SenSura High Output Pouch

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For extra high capacity

SenSura High Output Pouch combines the unique SenSura double-layer adhesive with a two-piece pouch designed to accommodate the need for extra capacity.  It offers a high volume solution for post-operative use and for people with an ileostomy.
  • Effective drainage through a big, funnel-shaped outlet
  • Option of connecting to a night bag, reducing the risk of blockage to support an undisturbed night's’ sleep.
SenSura High Output Pouch is available with SenSura (standard wear) and SenSura Xpro (extended wear) adhesive barriers. The full range of barriers includes flat and convex light barriers, available pre-cut (already cut to size) or "cut-to-fit" (meaning they can be cut to achieve a custom fit).  The full line includes transparent and opaque pouches, which correspond to the SenSura Click barriers based on a color-coded coupling system. Thus, a barrier with a "blue" coupling size must be matched to a "blue" pouch.
Coloplast Product Codes
Coupling Size Volume Colour Product Code
40 mm 1160 ml Opaque 19040
50 mm 1120 ml Opaque 19041 
60 mm 1080 ml Opaque 19042 
40 mm 1160 ml Transparent  19050 
50 mm 1120 ml Transparent  19051 
60 mm 1080 ml Transparent  19052 


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