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Confidence Convex Supersoft

Confidence Convex Supersoft

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For those who require it, Confidence® Convex Supersoft offers a slightly firmer level of convexity than our popular Confidence® Natural Soft Convex product.

• Comfortable and flexible wafer with gentle convex insert.
• Belt loops for extra security.
• Soft beige cover with transparent overlap, for easy viewing and positioning.

Salts Product Codes
Stoma Size Pouch Size Colour Product Code
13-25 mm Large Trans/Overlap CCSSL1325
13-38 mm Large Trans/Overlap CCSSL1338
13-52 mm Large Trans/Overlap CCSSL1352
13-25 mm Standard Trans/Overlap CCSS1325
13-38 mm Standard Trans/Overlap CCSS1338
13-52 mm Standard Trans/Overlap CCSS1352


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