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Easiflex Urostomy Pouch

Easiflex Urostomy Pouch

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Easiflex® is a two-piece system with adhesive coupling, providing the benefits of a one-piece – the unique combination of security and flexibility.

  • The pouch is fixed securely to the baseplate with a strong adhesive coupling system.
  • The adhesive coupling is flexible, allowing freedom of movement, making Easiflex® comfortable and discreet to wear.
  • The pouch can be removed from the baseplate, allowing the pouch to be changed more often than the adhesive baseplate.

Easiflex® urostomy pouch is available with a flat or convex, standard wear and extended wear baseplate. The assortment consists of a range of baseplates with pre-cut or cut-to-fit sizes that can be customized, available in transparent or white.

A comfortable and discreet pouch

Easiflex® urostomy has a range of features designed to offer comfort and discretion:
  • Non-return valve - prevents the urine from washing over the stoma, reducing the risk of urinary infections.
  • Tuck-away outlet - easy to use and can be tucked away when not in use. This prevents it from rubbing on your leg, offering more comfort and discretion.
  • Multichambers - the pouch has been divided into chambers that spread the urine evenly within the pouch. This allows it to have a flat and discreet profile and reduces splashing sounds.
Coloplast Product Codes
Coupling Size Pouch Size Pouch Colour Product Code
40mm Maxi Opaque 14553
50mm Maxi Opaque 14555
40mm Maxi Transparent 14552
50mm Maxi Transparent 14554


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