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Esteem + Closed-End Pouch - Solid

Esteem + Closed-End Pouch - Solid

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Esteem + One-Piece Closed-end Pouch

The one-piece system that's gentle on the skin, while remaining secure and easy to use! Flexible and discreet, the Esteem® + one-piece system is the all-in-one solution that combines the skin barrier and pouch in a single unit, allowing for a simple, secure, and comfortable experience. Available with a modified Stomahesive® or Durahesive Plus® skin barrier that gently adheres to skin and protects it from break down.

The Esteem® + pouching system offers the latest technologies from ConvaTec including:

  • A  state-of-the art filter with anti-clogging film layer
  • Soft and quiet materials ConvaTec’s latest pouches and advanced adhesives offer you the security, comfort, and discretion you deserve.
ConvaTec Product Codes
Stoma Size Pouch Length Colour Product Code
25 mm 20.3 cm Opaque 416704
30 mm 20.3 cm Opaque 416707
35 mm 20.3 cm Opaque 416710
40 mm 20.3 cm Opaque 416713
50 mm 20.3 cm Opaque 416715
25 mm 15.2 cm Opaque 416705
30 mm 15.2 cm Opaque 416708
35 mm 15.2 cm Opaque 416711
40 mm 15.2 cm Opaque 416714


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