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JMP Male Urine Guard

JMP Male Urine Guard

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The Male Urine Guard is an easy to use cap that fits over the head of the penis. Because of it's small size it is very easy to use and dispose of. Some highlights of the Male Urine Guard:

  • Holds 2 ounces of urine
  • Wicks moisture away to keep skin dry
  • Dependable leakage protection and odor control
  • Made with adjustable elastic to conform to your penis
  • Fits a penis up to 6 inches in circumference
  • Easy On and Off
  • Outside is made from a liquid proof plastic
  • Inside is filled with a thin super absorbent padding
  • Case Study performed by the Veteran's Association Nursing Home
  • Patent Pending

Benefits of the Male Urine Guard versus Adult Diapers and Pads

Nobody wants to wear a bulky diaper when suffering from light urinary incontinence. And pads just do not make much sense when considering male anatomy. Outside of those two offerings there has not been much of a choice for men, until now. The Male Urine Guard is very small, sanitary and easy to dispose of without notice. It will fit through your pant zipper and easily slips off and back on. Standing at a wall urinal the process is completely unnoticeable by those around you. Any leakage you have is confined to the small area at the end of the penis which allows you to feel clean and have no worries about odor.

Male Urine Guard Key Points

  • The Male Urine Guard consolidates the leakage to the small area at the end of the penis.

  • When a patient suffers from light leakage a diaper is an uncomfortable, bulky overkill. The Male Urine Guard is designed specifically to be comfortable and discreet for those suffering from light incontinence.

  • It can be used to apply ointment and keep it in place at the end of the penis. It helps to aid in the prevention of rashes.

  • It is very simple to put on and take off, even at a wall urinal.

  • The Male Urine Guard is a Green Product because the waste is small and it can be thrown away without notice.

  • There are no adhesive strips, velcro or any type of fastening device associated with the Male Urine Guard. It is simply opened up, slipped on and released. The elastic band keeps it in place and conforms it to the size and shape of the penis.

  • Unlike pads, the Male Urine Guard forms to the penis completely surrounding it with a super absorbent that will not leak out even when it is turned upside down.


How To Use the Male Urine Guard

Spread open the Male Urine Guard with your index and middle fingers. Use one of your index fingers to guide your penis through the opening. Once your penis has been inserted, release the elastic band. The Male Urine Guard is designed to fit over the head of the penis.

How to use the Male Urine Guard

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