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Medline Silvertouch

Medline Silvertouch

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Look for the green! Why are Silvertouch™ catheters green? The brilliant color is visual evidence of the silver hydrophilic coating on each catheter. Hydrophilic coating ensures a week's worth of comfort. Every Silvertouch™ catheter has a coating that hydrates rapidly and maintains its lubricity for at least seven days, helping to reduce friction and irritation. The coating is covalently bonded to the silicone catheter surface and will not peel, flake, or crack. Silvertouch™ catheters are latex-free, offering patient and caregiver safety, with the advantages of a 100% silicone catheter. Silvertouch™  

Medline Product Codes
Size Product Code
14 Fr DYND141014
16 Fr DYND141016
18 Fr DYND141018
20 Fr DYND141020


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