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Mepilex® XT Foam Dressing

Mepilex® XT Foam Dressing

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Designed to help take control of a wide range of exuding wounds, an innovative breakthrough in wound treatment. It is the effective choice for managing high viscosity exudate and better outcomes.

  • Safetac® layer.
  • Polyurethane backing film and foam pad.
  • Absorbs fluid faster than other foam dressings.
  • Minimizes pain at dressing changes.
  • For a wide range of low to moderate exuding acute and chronic wounds in all healing phases.
Molnlycke Product Codes  
Size Units Product Code
5cm x 5cm 5 211015
10cm x 10cm 5 211100
10cm x 20cm 5 211200
15cm x 15cm 5 211300
20cm x 20cm 5 211400
20 cm x 50cm 2 211500


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