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Mepore Pro Adherent Dressing

Mepore Pro Adherent Dressing

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Mepore® Pro is a self-adherent, absorbent and breathable dressing for low to moderately exuding wounds. The outer film layer protects the wound from both water and contamination so it can be worn while showering. The absorbent wound pad has a low-adherent wound contact layer so that it’s comfortable to wear and stays in place. Its skin-friendly, water- based, solvent-free adhesive provides a gentle and secure fixation.

  • Protects the wound against water and outside contamination
  • Viral and bacterial barrier 
  • Film is breathable to prevent maceration and promote a moist wound environment
  • Absorbent for good fluid handling
Molnlycke Product Codes 
Size Product Code
6cm x 7cm 670820
9cm x 10cm 670920-1
9cm x 15cm 671020N
9cm x 20cm 671120N
9cm x 25cm 671220
9cm x 30cm 671320N


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