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Molnlycke Mepilex Transfer

Molnlycke Mepilex Transfer

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• Venous leg ulcers, especially under compression to maximize efficacy on anti-bacterial dressings or protect peri-wound area

• Difficult to dress wounds including metastatic lesions

• Large wounds

• Wounds on difficult to manage areas including those associated with fragile skin

NOTE: Should be used in combination with an absorbent cover dressing. Can be used under compression.


1. Cleanse the wound area and dry the surrounding skin.

2. Apply one side of dressing allowing Mepilex® Transfer to overlap the surrounding skin by at least 5 cm.

4. Remove half of the release film and apply one side of dressing; remove remaining release film and smooth in place. Do not stretch.

5. Apply an appropriate cover dressing according to wound exudate level and fixate in place.

NOTE: Mepilex® Transfer can remain in place for up to 7 days as indicated by wound condition. The absorbent cover dressing may be changed more frequently if required. Mepilex® Transfer can be cut to size if required.

Molnlycke Product Codes
Size Units Product Code
7.5cm x 8.5cm 5/box 294600
10cm x 12cm 5/box 294700
15cm x 20cm 5/box 294800
20cm x 50cm 4/box 294502


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