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Peristeen Plus Balloon Catheters - Regular size

Peristeen Plus Balloon Catheters - Regular size

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Peristeen Plus rectal balloon catheters are to be used with the Peristeen Plus system. The balloon catheter helps to create a seal in the rectum to keep the water in the bowel.

The catheter is designed to stay inside the rectum during irrigation when the balloon is inflated, so you don’t have to worry about holding it in place.

The coating of the catheter makes it easy to insert. The rectal balloon catheter is smooth and flexible. It has a large finger grip for easy insertion and a turquoise insertion dot to indicate the correct insertion length.

The Peristeen Plus balloon catheter has a twist and lock connection, clearly indicating when it is connected correctly.

The used balloon catheter can be disposed of in its original packaging with household waste.

The Peristeen Plus catheter contains:

  • 10 balloon catheters
Coloplast Product Code
Regular Size Rectal Catheters 29143



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