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Premier Convex Urostomy Pouch

Premier Convex Urostomy Pouch

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  •  Built-in convexity means added security and skin protection for recessed, retracted and flush stomas...cut-to-fit openings.
  • Protects the skin over extended wearing time from irritating discharge. Flextend skin barrier is the barrier of choice for urostomies and ileostomies.
  • Security and confidence assured with internal non-reflux valves and a drain valve that allows regulation of flow rate.
Hollister Product Codes
Barrier Opening Pouch Length Colour Product Code
25 mm 23 cm Transparent 8474
38 mm 23 cm Transparent 8478
51 mm 23 cm Transparent 84711
25 mm 23 cm Beige 8434
38 mm 23 cm Beige 8438
51 mm 23 cm Beige 84311


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