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Premier SoftFlex Flat Skin Closed Pouch

Premier SoftFlex Flat Skin Closed Pouch

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  • Superior comfort and flexibility are achieved through the revolutionary air pocket technology in the dimpled, ultra-thin SoftFlex skin barrier
  • Integrated filter helps eliminate gas build-up (pouch bulging).
  • ComfortWear panels provide a soft, cloth-like covering between the pouch and the skin.
Hollister Product Codes
Barrier Opening Pouch Length Colour Product Code
23 mm 23 cm Beige 82325
30 mm 23 cm Beige 82330
35 mm 23 cm Beige 82335
25 mm 18 cm Beige 82125
30 mm 18 cm Beige 82130
35 mm 18 cm Beige 82135


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