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Rochester Medical Spirit Style 2

Rochester Medical Spirit Style 2

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Spirit is the first and only male external catheter to combine the moisture-wicking properties of a hydrocolloid adhesive with the superior breathability of silicone.  The advanced hydrocolloid adhesive absorbs fluids helping maximize adhesion and reduce moisture buildup that can lead to skin maceration. HCPCS Code: A4349


Rochester Medical Spirit Style 2 Sheath adhesion

  • Sheath length: 1.5"   Adhesion width: 1.75"
  • Maximum adhesive area on less sheath
  • Patented forward adhesive placement to avoid unintended detachment


Rochester Medical Product Codes
Size 30/box 100/box
25 mm 37301 37101
29 mm 37302 37102
32 mm 37303 37103
36 mm 37304 37104
41 mm 37305 37105


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