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Salts Confidence

Salts Confidence

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With our softest, stickiest and most flexible soft convex wafer, Confidence® Natural Soft Convex has a range of special features designed to help soft convex wearers enjoy a better fit, a better feel and better quality of life, including a unique five-sided Flexifit® wafer to give the perfect fit. Plus, the wafer is infused with extracts of Aloe Vera, which may help to soothe and protect your skin.

• The wafer’s strong adhesive has been developed to stick fast and stay put for longer, improving security and helping reduce leaks. It features an incredibly soft convex insert, making Confidence® Natural Soft Convex incredibly flexible and comfortable.

• The unique five-sided Flexifit® wafer was developed to create the perfect fit, by bending and flexing with your body’s natural contours to help reduce leaks and improve comfort.

• Every Confidence® Natural wafer is infused with extracts of Aloe Vera, providing a natural way that may help to soothe and protect the skin around your stoma.

• Soft belt loops, for extra security and comfort.

• The easy-to-use outlet features a discreet opaque film and drainage tab that helps you to open and empty the bag.

• Discreet closure tucks up under the soft cover.

• Charcoal filter and internal film layer design help to minimise odour and ballooning by improving airflow.

• Soft beige cover with transparent overlap, or easy viewing and positioning.

Salts Product Codes      
Stoma Size Pouch Size Colour Product Code
13 - 25mm Standard  Trans/Overlap XND1325
13 - 38mm Standard  Trans/Overlap XND1338
13 - 52mm Standard  Trans/Overlap XND1352
13 - 25mm Large  Trans/Overlap XNDL1325
13 - 38mm Large  Trans/Overlap XNDL1338
13 - 52mm Large  Trans/Overlap XNDL1352
13 - 25mm Small  Trans/Overlap XNDS1325
13 - 38mm Small  Trans/Overlap XNDS1338
13 - 52mm Small  Trans/Overlap XNDS1352


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