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Select Soft n' Breathable

Select Soft n' Breathable

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Soft and breathable sides allow free flow of air movement, maintaining skin integrity. Refastenable micro-hook closure tabs make size adjustment easy. The soft, cloth-like outer cover is form fitting and comfortable. The contoured core with moisture-proof backing prevents leakage. Kufguards®, inner leg cuffs, provide leakage and bowel containment. Gentle leg elastics provide a secure fit without binding. Latex-free.

Tranquility Product Code
Description Size Capacity Units Product Code
Medium 34 - 44" 468 ml Case/8Pkg, 12/Pkg 2627
Large 45 - 58" 571 ml Case/6Pkg, 12/Pkg 2628
X-Large 56 - 64" 681 ml Case/8Pkg, 8/Pkg 2629


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