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SenSura Mio 1-pc Post-Op Drainable Pouch

SenSura Mio 1-pc Post-Op Drainable Pouch

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All SenSura Mio appliances feature BodyFit Technology® to provide a secure
and comfortable fit, no matter your patients’ body shapes. The unique elastic adhesive follows the
body’s movements when bending and stretching, giving wearers the confidence to do more. 

Features for the SenSura® Mio Post Op:

  • The Post Op has a window that allows direct access to the stoma.
  • It has effective drainage through soft drainable outlet that connects with different night bags.
  • New Easy to open sterile packaging.
  • The product has a scale on the bags to give visual guidance of how much output the bag contains.


Colplast Product Codes
Stoma Size Sterility Pouch Size Product Code
10-70 mm Sterile 280x188x95 18680
10-100 mm Sterile 350x232x110 18681
10-70 mm Non-Sterile 230x195x118 18690
10-100 mm Non-Sterile 230x195x118 18691
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