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Sensura Mio Soft Convex Wide-Outlet Drainable Pouch

Sensura Mio Soft Convex Wide-Outlet Drainable Pouch

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SenSura® Mio Convex has a curved shape that fits securely to uneven skin areas, deep-seated areas and stomas that need support or help to protrude. Combined with the elastic adhesive, it provides a more secure fit* to the individual body shape. It stays discreet due to the filter and bag design.

Key benefits:

  • Adaptive convex with integrated flexlines for a unique combination of stability and flexibility
  • Elastic adhesive for a secure fit to individual body shapes
  • Neutral grey textile for optimal discretion and an honest look
  • Full-circle filter for proven reduction of ballooning

The Soft convex is for stomas with openings above skin level that need support due to challenges in the area around the stoma.

Coloplast Product Codes
Stoma Size Pouch Size Colour Product Code
21 mm Maxi Opaque 13671
25 mm Maxi Opaque 13672
28 mm Maxi Opaque 13673
31 mm Maxi Opaque 13674
35 mm Maxi Opaque 13675
38 mm Maxi Opaque 13676


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