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Cure Medical Ultra Ready-to-Use Coude Tip

Cure Medical Ultra Ready-to-Use Coude Tip

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  • Sizes: Straight  8 FR – 18 FR; Coude 12 FR – 18FR
  • Available in straight and coude for men
  • Smooth polished eyelets on the pre-lubricated straight catheter tip increase comfort
  • NO DRIP: CoverAll™ application technology provides even distribution of lubricant over the catheter as it is removed from the package
  • Easy gripper sleeve assists with insertion
  • A unique, ‘No Roll’ connector/funnel end helps increase confidence when draining
  • Will not kink if you bend it
  • High quality materials – not made with DEHP*, BPA, or natural rubber latex – offer peace of mind. Learn more about the concerns with DEHP here.
  • The small, flexible package features an easy tear top and enables disposal of minimal material.
  • Support of research in pursuit of a cure for SCI and CNS/D possibly offers the best benefit of all!
  • Available in USA and Canada
Coloplast Product Codes
Size Units Product Code
10 Fr 30/box Ultra M10C
12 Fr 30/box Ultra M12C
14 Fr 30/box Ultra M14C
16 Fr 30/box Ultra M16C
18 Fr 30/box Ultra M18C


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