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iD Innofit Stretch Plus Briefs

iD Innofit Stretch Plus Briefs

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The iD Innofit is a easy to use product with fully elasticated and adjustable tapes for a flexible fit.It can be used like regular underwear and allows user to visit the bathroom independently.

  • Maximum fluid retention in short time, offering an extra dry feeling, avoiding leakages, providing odour control.
  • Allows the skin to breath, avoids causing a rash.
  • Integrated anti leak cuffs made of waterproof materials give you protection against any leakage
  • A soft textile back sheet provides maximum comfort and discretion.
  • Full elastic ears which provide incredible flexibility, fits better to the morphology of each person, can be used as a pants for bathroom visits.
  • An odour control system present in the absorbent core prevents the formation of ammonia and thus of unpleasant odours.
Ontex Product Codes




Size Capacity Waist Units Product Code
Medium 1800 ml 29.5-43.5" Case/4Pkg, 14/Pkg 5712260140
Large 2000 ml 39.5-53" Case/4Pkg, 14/Pkg 5712360140



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