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Manfred Sauer IQ-Cath Solo Gel

Manfred Sauer IQ-Cath Solo Gel

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4–6 times a day, 150 times a month, 1800 times a year: this is an average of how often an individual who performs Intermittent Self-Catheterisation (ISC) inserts a catheter through the urethra to empty the bladder. Here the quality and the application safety of the catheter are crucial, in particular for men. This is where the IQ-Cath takes effect: the rounded tip and flexible front allow for a safe and gentle catheterisation.

Traditional catheters can be divided into two groups. The more rigid catheters are easy to insert but have a high risk of injury. The soft catheters are more gentle but difficult to insert. The IQ-Cath combines these two positive properties while avoiding the disadvantages. A stiff shaft and a soft front zone with a flexible head allows the IQ-Cath to easily follow the run of the urethra, past any possible bottlenecks or problem areas. Easy, safe and gentle insertion of the IQ-Cath is made possible by dividing the catheter into three functional areas:

  • Rounded tip (patented): The tip of the IQ-Cath consists of a soft, rounded head that sits on  top of a highly bendable “neck”. This combination allows the catheter to pass bottlenecks and bulges of the urethra with minimal resistance.
  • Flexible zone (patented): The tip is followed by a flexible area that is approximately 5 cm in length. It enhances the ability of the catheter to follow the run of the urethra without pressure.
  • Guiding zone: This part of the IQ-Cath, that continues down to the funnel, is made of a stiffer material which makes insertion easier.
  • Smooth eyelets: The catheter eyelets are rounded on the inside and the outside to rule out any injuries to the sensitive tissue of the urethral mucosa.
  • Funnel: The IQ-Cath is furnished with a soft, easy-grip funnel that connects to all common urine collection bags. The funnel is colour-coded in accordance with size (FR)
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