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Karaya Closed Pouch with Tape and Filter

Karaya Closed Pouch with Tape and Filter

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  • Skin protected from stomal discharge by Karaya 5 seal ring; natural Karaya offers flexibility, shallow convexity and is bacteriostatic.
  • Security and confidence achieved by highly effective deodorizing and venting filter made of activated carbon granules.
  • Security and confidence assured with porous tape; keeps skin healthy by allowing it to breath.
Hollister Product Codes
Stoma Size Pouch Length Colour Product Code
22 mm 23 cm Transparent 3328
29 mm 23 cm Transparent 3323
35 mm 23 cm Transparent 3329
38 mm 23 cm Transparent 3324
51 mm 23 cm Transparent 3325
64 mm 23 cm Transparent 3326


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