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MoliCare Moblie

MoliCare Moblie

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  • Innovative three-layer core for quick acquisition speed and to disperse fluid away from the skin
  • Super absorbent polymer to bind and neutralize acidic and alkaline fluids
  • Soft top sheet, flexible trim-fit core and cloth-like waterproof outer barrier
  • Stretch side panels with tear-open side seams
  • Soft, fluid-repellent inner leg cuffs and multi-strand elastic leg gathers
  • Customized waistband for size and front identification
MoliCare Product Codes
Size Waist Units Product Code
Small 34 - 35" case/4pkg, 14/pkg 915831
Medium 31 - 47" case/4pkg, 14/pkg 9158322
Large 39 - 59" case/4pkg, 14/pkg 915833
X-Large 51 - 67" case/4pkg, 14/pkg 915834



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