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Natura Two-Piece Durahesive Skin Barrier

Natura Two-Piece Durahesive Skin Barrier

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NaturaTwo-Piece Durahesive Skin Barrier

The Natura® ostomy system is a comprehensive product line with our latest skin barrier technologies. The plastic coupling ring allows the pouch and skin barrier to snap together for audible security. Durahesive® skin barriers are designed for people whose stoma output is mostly liquid. Unlike other skin barriers that can breakdown around liquid output, Durahesive® skin barriers swell up or "Turtleneck" to further protect the stoma and peristomal skin.

ConvaTec Product Codes
Flange Size Colour Tape Collar Product Code
32 mm White With Tape 413159
38 mm White With Tape 413160
45 mm White With Tape 413161
57 mm White With Tape 416162
70 mm White With Tape 413163
32 mm Tan With Tape 413164
38 mm Tan With Tape 413165
45 mm Tan With Tape 413166
57 mm Tan With Tape 413167
70 mm Tan With Tape 413168
100 mm N/A Without Tape 401905
32 mm N/A Without Tape 413153
38 mm N/A Without Tape 413154
45 mm N/A Without Tape 413155
57 mm N/A Without Tape 413156
70 mm N/A Without Tape 413157


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