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SenSura Mio 1-pc High Output Pouch

SenSura Mio 1-pc High Output Pouch

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For extra bag capacity

SenSura Mio 1-Piece High Output combines the unique SenSura Mio elastic adhesive with a larger pouch and a soft drainable outlet to accommodate the need for extra capacity. It offers a high volume solution for post-operative use and for people with an ileostomy.

• Effective drainage through a soft drainable outlet.
• Option of connecting to a night bag, reducing the risk of blockage to support an undisturbed night's’ sleep.

SenSura Mio 1-Piece High Output  features both neutral grey bags as well as transparent bags with a scale to help estimate output amount.


SenSura Mio Elastic Adhesive - fits individual body shapes and follows natural body movements

SenSura Mio provides better fit to body and optimal discretion due to the many innovative features.

Key benefits:

• Elastic adhesive for a secure fit to individual body shape

• Neutral grey textile for optimal discretion

• Full-circle filter for proven reduction of ballooning


Coloplast Product Codes
Stoma Size Pouch Size Colour Pouch Code Product
10-70 mm 192x49x330 Opaque W/ Window 18660
10-100 mm 192x49x330 Opaque W/ Window 18661
10-70 mm 192x49x330 Transparent 18665
10-100 mm 192x49x330 Transparent 18666
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