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Sensura Mio Click Skin Barrier

Sensura Mio Click Skin Barrier

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No two bodies are the same. Real people have real bodies that come in different sizes and shapes – and the shapes change, both over the course of the day and when we move around. That’s why it’s a challenge to find asystem that fits.

  • SenSura Mio fits individual body shapes and follows natural body movements, so it maintains a secure fit.
  • The magic lies in the elasticity of the adhesive: it can stretch and retract back. Skin has a natural elasticity that helps it bend and stretch when the body moves. Like skin, SenSura Mio is elastic, so it simply bends and stretches with your skin when your body moves.
  • SenSura Mio will make you feel secure, so you can be confident doing your everyday activities – even in a social context.
Coloplast Product Codes
Coupling Size Stoma Size Product Code
40mm 22mm 10506
40mm 28mm 10505
50mm 32mm 10514
50mm 38mm 10516
60mm 40mm 10523
60mm 45mm 10524
60mm 50mm 10525


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