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Tranquility Swimmates

Tranquility Swimmates

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  • Disposable swimwear is worn under a bathing suit to provide containment for bowel incontinence
  • The blue moisture-proof barrier provides light urinary incontinence protection prior to entering the water
  • Kufguards help contain bowel incontinence
  • Product is designed to have minimal swelling and does not break apart
  • Tear-away side seams are used for easy removal and disposal
Tranquility Product Codes
Description Sizing Units Product Code
Small 22" to 36" w/h Case/4pkg, 22/pkg 2844
Medium 34" to 48" w/h Case/4pkg, 20/pkg 2845
Large 44" to 54" w/h Case/4pkg, 18/pkg 2846
X-Large 48" to 66" w/h Case/4pkg, 14/pkg 2847
XX-Large Plus 62" to 80" w/h Case/4pkg, 12/pkg 2848


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