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Uro-Prep Protective Skin Barrier Wipes/Pads

Uro-Prep Protective Skin Barrier Wipes/Pads

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Uro-Prep® Protective Barrier has been specifically formulated to create a protective barrier between delicate, sensitive skin and aggressive adhesives. They can be used under all types of medical adhesives.

Packaged in a small, convenient wipe, Uro-Prep® skin barrier wipes are the perfect solution to aid in the protection of delicate skin that has becomes sensitive to repeated use of medical adhesives especially those used to secure male external urinary catheters and urinary or ostomy appliances. Uro-Prep® protective skin barrier wipes are alcohol based which are easy to apply, safe, effective and for external use only.
It is recommended that a male external catheter be changed once a day to promote healthy skin and using Uro-Prep® protective skin barrier wipes before applying a male external catheter, urinary or ostomy appliance will help protect skin from any aggressive adhesives used with their application.
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0.3cm x 5cm x 5.7cm 50 individual wipes/pads 5500
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